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Wilson's Equine Veterinary Services is a small specialty equine practice owned by Equivet Australia Pty Ltd and directed by Max Wilson & his partner Robyn Woodward. The practice operates from a little valley at Southbrook on the Darling Downs just thirty kilometres south west of Toowoomba; the largest inland city in Australia.

Please click here  to see a video overview of the breeding centre taken at the start of the 2014 breeding season.


Wilson's Equine Veterinary Services attends a majority of the studs on the Darling Downs and provides a call-out veterinary service all over the Downs. We employ 6 - 7 full time veterinarians and have a total staff of over 20 peoplemax-ute. Our call-out team performs a large number of functions apart from the general emergency work of treating injuries. colics, lamnesses & sick horses.

Minor surgeries such as castrations, periosteal strips and umbilical hernias can be performed in the field or at our practice base at the Equine Breeding Centre. Also at the Breeding Centre we maintain a fully equipped laboratory for performing blood profiles, and culturing of samples for reproduction work, abortions and routine bacterial cultures.

Our veterinarians are skilled at conducting pre-purchase examinaticelia-holhing-up-leg-2-1ons. They are trained to assess not only the current soundness of a horse, but also to identify any pre-existing problems that may hinder future performance. This examination includes a thorough analysis of the horse's action. We will provide you with a professional assessment so that you will be able to make a well-informed decision regarding the purchase of a horse. Information from these examinations is strictly confidential.

In order to conduct these examinations we have invested in state-of -the-art DR digital x-ray technology. This machine can be taken into the field and results are available immediately for the client to see. Images are stored in the computer and are able to be emailed for referral purposes or to prospective buyers if necessary. This equipment is also used for routine lameness investigations, as well as repository films for thoroughbred yearling sales and general field work.angie-scoping-2-resize

Equivet has a range of diagnostic equipment including a portable video endoscope. Our endoscopic examinations are primarily to investigate the horse's airways. Wind conditions can be a huge problem for horse owners and are severely performance limiting. We can also use flexible endoscopic technology for assessment of various other body cavities, including the digestive tract. inseminating-resize-2-1 Flexible endoscopy is also a valuable tool for examining the reproductive tract, and can be used to visualize the accurate placement of frozen semen as close to the oviduct as possible.

Our veterinarians have a special interest in equine dentistry, and here at Equivet we have all the latest power floats and dentaldentistry_-resize-2 equipment needed to support this service. We recommend that horses have regular dental care so that they remain in peak nutritional health. The training that veterinarians have in equine anatomy and nutritional requirements means that they are best able to provide this dental service. Veterinarians can also prescribe and use sedatives should they become necessary to carry out dental procedures.  

cross-country-2Assessment of equine fitness is another service offered at Equivet. Our veterinarians regularly officiate at accredited EFA & FEI dressage, show jumping and combined training competitions. At these events they are responsible for the conditioning fitness & welfare of the horses.  They also offer advice to owners regarding any treatment that may be necessary.

The veterinarians at Equivet are licensed by the Australian Stud Book to perforfreeze-branding-1m the compulsory microchipping & DNA testing of thoroughbred foals. Microchip and freeze branding services are also available to all horse owners for identification and registration purposes.


robyn-at-seminar-1We take an active part in the management of many horse studs in an advisory capacity & hold seminar days to further educate clients who are interested in updating their knowledge. Speakers at the Seminar Days are able to bring to Equivet clients all the latest information on advances in the equine industry.

We offer a 24 hour, seven day a week emergency service. Please phone the Equivet office during office hours, or we offer direct contact with the veterinarians by mobile.  Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to clients. At Equivet you can be sure that we will endeavor to answer your queries cheerfully and promptly.  The staff is chosen not only for their excellent client communication and managerial skills, but also for their knowledge of horses and willingness to participate in the horse industry in the wider community.






The Equine Breeding Centre at Southbrook was established in 1994. It is the oldest andpearl-turning-around-resize largest breeding centre in Queensland and is the domain Dr Robyn Woodward who is an immensely talented reproduction veterinarian. In 2008 Robyn performed the first successful frozen embryo transfer in this country & continues to be at the fore front of the industry. She now performs over 100 embryo transfers per year making this one of the biggest embryo transfer centres in the country.

Another major activity at the Centre is the artificial insemination of mares using chilled & frozen semen while residing at the Breeding Centre.  There is also a continuous influx of mares coming from all over the eastern states for Robyn’s expert service & advice in reproductive matters.

recip-mares-running-through-trees-resizeEquivet maintains a large herd of recipient mares for use in the extensive embryo transfer program run by Dr Robyn Woodward. These mares are available for lease to mare owners until the foal is weaned. The recipient mares are scanned regularly during the breeding season to establish the most suitable match for the donor mare. During their stay in the breeding program at Equivet you can be sure your mares will be cared for by a dedicated and professional team.mare-foaling-website-resize-1

At Equivet we offer a foaling down service for mares which includes designated foaling boxes, the use of foaling alarms and 24 hour supervision by experienced veterinarians. This service gives clients the best possible chance to ensure the safe arrival of a much anticipated foal.

We also stand several stallions to outside mares at the centre each breeding season and Robyn provides a collection & semen freezing service for these, and other outside stallions, to facilitate preservation of valuable genetics.




Semen collection and freezing equipment at Equivet




 Mares at 'The Spring' at Equivet

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