Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is the process of inseminating a mare using fresh, chilled or frozen semen. The success of this process is based upon your veterinarian determining the optimal time for insemination with ultrasound scans of the uterus and ovaries.

 Advantages of Artificial Insemination


  • The mare and stallion do not come into contact thereby reducing the risk of  breeding accidents.
  • Reduces the risk of sexually transmitted disease.
  • Limitless genetic scope with the use of frozen semen from high profile national or international stallions.
  • Allows mares to be bred without the risk of travel - especially aged or injured mares.
  • Semen evaluation at the time of insemination
  • Prevents stallion over use.
  • Facilitates breeding of mares with reproductive problems.
  • Enables breeding of ‘shy’ mares who may not show to a stallion or who become overly protective of a foal.
  • Allows mares to be bred at the optimal time for conception.
  • Using frozen semen allows genetic use of a stallion long after his death.  


What does the mare owner need to do to in preparation for AI?

  • Choose a stallion and arrange a contract with the stallion owner / agent.
  • Find out when and where the stallion will be available for collection / transport of chilled semen or available for insemination using fresh semen.
  • If using frozen semen - make sure that the semen arrives at the breeding centre BEFORE your send your mare.
  • Monitor the cycle of your mare to arrange the best time for arrival


Fresh Semen

semen-collection-ensign-websiteStallions are collected at the breeding centre for insemination into a mare at the optimal stage of her cycle. Stallions standing at the breeding centre may be used or outside stallions can be brought in for collection.

Chilled Semen

Although chilled semen can be stored during transport for up to 48 hours, ideally it should be used as soon as possible after collection. Once the breeding cycle of your mare is established she will be monitored closely and our veterinarians will order chilled semen directly from the stallion owner or agent. The process will ensure that semen is shipped to our breeding centre for insemination of your mare at the optimum time for a possible conception.


et32The semen is evaluated in the laboratory and a semen extender is added to assist in prolonging the life of the semen.  Depending on the facility where the stallion is collected, other treatments may also be applied to the semen to improve its longevity in order to survive the trip to the receiving mare.   The extended semen is then transported in an Equi-tainer (similar to a vacuum flask) or Salter box (Styrofoam) which will gradually reduce the semen temperature to 4 - 5°C during the trip.  The receiving mare should be inseminated as soon as possible after the arrival of the chilled semen.


Once the breeding cycle of your mare is established she will be monitored closely and our veterinarians will order chilled semen directly from the stallion owner or agent.  The semen will be shipped to us for insemination into your mare at the optimum time for a possible conception.

Frozen Semen

National and international transport of frozen semen creates huge genetic possibilities so breeders are keen to take advantge of this opportunity for their mares. Because frozen semen may only remain viable for up to six hours after thawing timing of insemination as close to ovulation as possible is essential. This means that the mare must be very closely monitored with scans at least every six hours by the veterinarian to determine the time of ovulation. Although the internationally accepted conception rate is 30% - our Equine Breeding Centre has achieved conception rates greater than 75% using frozen semen by carefully monitoring development of the mare's follicles for ovultaion time.


 “Frosty” – the first frozen embryo foal in Australia 
 transferred & born at the Equine Breeding Centre

robyn--frosty-website-photoFrozen semen can be stored indefinitely in nitrogen tanks and at the Equine Breeding Centre we have used semen frozen over 20 years ago with excellent results.  Unfortunately it is impossible to predict how well a stallion’s semen freezes until a sample has been collected, frozen and evaluated. However, inseminating a mare and achieving a pregnancy is the best test. It is also impossible to predict how many straws can be frozen per ejaculate, until after the stallion’s semen is evaluated.  A compilation of results of the two evaluations (frozen and fresh) will determine how many straws will be required per mare per insemination.

The success or failure of the procedure again relies upon on the skills of the veterinarian robyn-scanning-mare-at-ebc-websiteattending the receiving mare, as it is essential that the mare be inseminated as close to ovulation as possible.  While fresh semen may remain viable in the uterus for 3 to 5 days, frozen semen may remain viable for less than six hours, so the timing of insemination is critical.  Once the mare is in oestrus and to ensure that the mare is inseminated at the optimal time, she must be examined at least every six hours.   If everything goes well and semen quality is good, a conception rate of approximately 60% per cycle can be expected. Conception rates higher than 75% per cycle have been achieved at our Equine Breeding Centre.  The internationally accepted conception rate is 30% per cycle. 


Please ensure that arrangements for semen are made with the stallion / semen owner prior to the arrival of your mare at Equivet Australia. Timing of the insemination is critical for fresh, chilled and frozen semen and delays can be very costly if semen is not available and a cycle is missed.



Courier fees that are charged by the transport company to transport the semen to the Equine Breeding Centre are on-billed by Equivet Australia to the mare owner. Occasionally owners may collect the semen in Toowoomba or Brisbane and bringing it to the Equine Breeding Centre - this will help to reduce the transport cost. All other outside collection / courier fees will be charged directly by the stallion owner or agent.

The efficient functioning of the courier system is essential as timing is critical with both chilled and frozen semen and delays can be costly if a cycle is missed. 


A deposit is required when the mare is admitted to the Equine Breeding Centre.


Artificial inseminations (fresh, chilled and frozen semen) are charged per cycle at a contract rate.  All ultrasound scans / rectal examinations before and after insemination are included in this rate. Insemination, uterine lavages, post service infusions and agistment are not included. 



FOR PRICING INFORMATION - Please contact the Equivet office



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